Terms of delivery

All watches sold on Sörkan Kello website are second-hand, unless otherwise stated. For all used watches, we provide a six-month (6-month) warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover water resistance, watch wristbands, or defects caused by the customer's own actions.

The warranty is personal and cannot be transferred to third parties if the person or company who bought the watch from Sörkan Kello sells the watch forward. Watches may also carry a manufacturer's warranty, in which case the warranty is determined by the manufacturer's specified warranty terms. The warranty conditions can be found in the user manual, a separate warranty form or at the web address indicated by the manufacturer.

Products are sold in the same condition as they are at the time of sale. All information about the condition of the products is provided in the sales descriptions of the products. However, the product is considered to have an error where

(a) the information provided by the seller about the characteristics or use of the goods is not correct and the information provided may have affected the transaction.

(b) the seller fails to disclose a known material fact concerning the characteristics or use of the goods and the omission may have affected the transaction.

(c) the goods are in a worse condition in relation to their price and conditions than the purchaser was justifiably required. Sörkan Kello reserves the right to verify the errors reported in the exchange watches. Please allow 3 to 5 business days from the time the product has been certified to be returned for inspection to the address indicated by Sörkan Kello

The claim period starts when the customer has picked up the product from the post office. The product to be returned must be resellable. Complaints will only be processed in writing. A free-form complaint can be submitted by e-mail to myynti@sorkankello.fi

The consumer customer has the right to refer the disputes arising from this contract to the Consumer Disputes Board for resolution. The costs of representation are not reimbursed, as the Consumer Advisory Council and the Consumer Disputes Board provide assistance in resolving disputes free of charge.